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Lehenga Choli is one of the most famous and preferred dresses for events, he likes weddings and religious festives. This dress is related to the festival because its history shows that it was supposed to be a real dress used by the wives and daughters of Mughal emperors. Therefore, many girlfriends like to choose this outfit for their great day because they want to feel and seem special as well as a real princess. The Groom Lehenga Choli as any other lehenga blouse styles consists of three parts, the pleated skirt called Lehenga, a choli or adjusted blouse and a dupatta.

The origin of this dress can be traced back to Rajasthan and Gujarat, but after Mughal took over the sub continent, this dress became the most favorite attire of real ladies. This outfit became famous among royalties because it provided modest and feminist coverage to women. Although the outfit has gone over many alterations over time, but even so, many designers and girlfriends, as if to adhere to the designs and the embroidery of Mughal, at the same time that they design a Bridal Lehenga Choli.

Previously, the preferred cloth for this dress was silk, gauze and jamawar, but today the textile industry has introduced many other fabrics in the market, which add variety and more volume to the dress. However, still many girlfriends like to go traditional while designing their Longha and prefer to use the fabric like pure silk and gauze. In addition, from the fabric, the fashion industry has also introduced many other cuts and styles in bridal lehengas.

Famous Cortes and Styles in Bridal Lehenga Choli
The famous cuts and styles that have been introduced in Bridal Lehenga Choli are,

Lehengas de Cut Cut Stret: The Lehenga Choli straight cutting is the most favorite among the brides because it adapts to each type of body. In this style, the Lehenga flows in parallel to the body and helps create an illusory thinning effect.

Lehengas with panels: This style of Lehenga Choli provides more flash and falls to brides. Designers can experiment with colors with this style of Bridal Lehenga Choli, since the panels sewn along with the Lehenga can be of different colors.

Fish queue or Mermaid Lehenga: This Lehenga style is equipped on the waist and opens at the bottom.

Lehenga Circular: This style of Lehenga is the oldest style of Lehenga Choli and involves many folds at the waist. The folds provide a lot of volume to the Lehenga and are especially preferred by the brides with a thin figure.
These common bridal styles and designs of Lehenga Choli are followed by brides throughout Asia, but Mogol influence can still be seen in the latest designs and embroidery. However, brides still like to merge into modern styles in their nuptial wear, but when it comes to clothing and traditional style, they prefer to have Bridal Longha Choli. The popularity of this outfit has now crossed the limits of Asia and is becoming a symbol of styles for many international designers.

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